By choosing a Bluetec solar system, you will get a facility that will give you good economy and at the same time good quality. We cooperate with reputable suppliers who have long experience in solar energy.

We help you find a facility optimized for your house. Bluetec will carry out an inspection at your home and make a solution that will ensure you get the best possible facility adapted to your consumption / house. We can supply plants throughout Norway.

Now you can become a energy producer

In Norway, annual solar radiation varies from a horizontal surface to about 700 – 1100 kWh / m2.
The best conditions for utilization of solar energy are found in southern and eastern Norway, as well as inner parts of central Norway. These are areas that are on par with central Germany where there is extensive use of solar cells. Solar cells have a clear advantage of the cold climate here in Norway. Low temperatures and heavy wind contribute to high utilization rates, as well as large reflections of snow in the winter months.

We supply our facilities with the ability to monitor production and power consumption, as well as full history. This gives you access via the web interface or app on the phone. If you have a smart house system from before, some of our solutions can be integrated into this, along with electric car chargers and other equipment.

There are many solar cell solutions today, contact us and we will find the right solution for your project.
Should you change roof tiles, we have roof-integrated solutions that replace the roof tiles and make the investment significantly better.
For an exclusive look, we have glass-glass panels that are completely black and can be used both on ceiling and facade.

Most plants today are connected to the mains so all your overproduction is sold back to the internet,
if needed, we have solutions for battery storage. After installation of solar systems in your home, you can apply for Enova support and update the energy labeling of your home. This is our help if needed.


BlueTec is a supplier of solar systems, and we use highest quality products from reputable manufacturers. Our solutions can give your building exciting architecture, proprietary solar energy and achieve higher energy certification. 

Whether you’re looking to save money, save the environment or secure future energy generation for your business, look no further!

Today there are several support schemes from Enova and other instances you can apply. We help you find the ones that are best suited to your particular project, and help with the actual application process. With these support schemes you can ensure quick repayment of the solar system.

Contact us for a non-binding offer, and visit if needed