Ski municipality grants charging points

From 1 January 2018, a sectional owner who is in charge of a parking space may require the charging of electric car and rechargeable hybrid cars, and the board can only deny this if they have reason to do so.

This has been taken seriously in Ski Municipality. In December 2017, the municipal council in Ski agreed that housing companies and unions in Ski Municipality could apply for support for charging points. The municipal council has set aside SEK 250,000 for this support scheme.

From March 2018, existing housing cooperatives and unions can apply to Ski Municipality for grants for the establishment of charging points for electric cars.

The aid can not exceed 50 percent of the investment costs, but limited to a maximum of 10,000 kroner per charging point. Maximum amount of support per housing team / joint is 50,000 kr. If there is a need for upgrading of power grids, the maximum amount is 75,000 kr.

Here you will find more information and application form: