If you have limited power available in your home, we provide systems that only distribute the power available to electric cars. This way you will never overload your electrical system and you will be able to use your home as normal without having to pay attention to the charging of your car.

Quote from DSB guidance – Charging and Security:

Use of existing contacts

In the fixed car park for charging an electric car, safety against overload and earth fault must be observed. If existing courses with regular contact are to be used for regular cargo this will be considered as a change of use pursuant to section 16 of the regulation on electric low voltage systems which requires the facility to “be suitable for the intended use”. The reason is that charging electric cars will entail a significant change in load pattern and load type. Although a regular connector can be connected to 16A, it is not designed for this high load over time. DSB often experiences heat loss and melt damage during supervision. Such damage is a high risk of fire. In addition, the charging system in the electric car will mask a regular earth fault switch which will not work if ground fault. Then dangerous situations can occur. A special earth fault type switch B must be installed which is not disturbed by the noise from the charging system.

This means that the change of usage rate must be upgraded to current regulations, ie dedicated charging contact, ground fault type B and max 10 A fuse for normal plug-in. It is also important to check if the plant actually withstands the current load over time. Contact an electrician to check the condition of the facility and advise on any measures.

DSB’s clear recommendation is the installation of Mode 3 “on wall charger”. This solution meets all safety requirements, is convenient and provides many benefits.

Housing Cooperatives

In housing cooperatives and other common parking solutions, there is often limited power available. The solution is to install a good infrastructure and distributing the available power through smart chargers. In this way you can always leave your car charging with the highest available power.

Our solutions also ensure that every user in the facility is charged for their actual consumption so that this becomes a fair and well-functioning solution for all householders.

New Act in the (Norwegian) Ownership Act, adopted on May 29, 2017:

«Section 25 of the Ownership Act Section 25, first paragraph, third and fourth paragraphs shall read: A section owner may, with the consent of the board, provide charging points for electric cars and rechargeable hybrids in connection with a parking space the section has, or elsewhere as indicated by the board. The board may only refuse to consent if there is an objective reason.»


We mean charging facilities should be a natural part of the offerings at workplaces and businessmen. With availability available, you can attract customers and achieve resale while at the same time you can choose a payment solution that covers installation and maintenance costs. We project and deliver complete solutions to public and public charging stations with the possibility of fast loading and complete administration and payment. The Electric Vehicle Association expects 400,000 electric cars on Norwegian roads by 2020. It is therefore important to be prepared to offer customers and partners opportunities for exploration.

Quote from the (Norwegian) Parking Regulations

In the parking area, charging possibility of the rechargeable motor vehicle shall be offered on a sufficient number of parking spaces, ie it is generally at all times a free space with charging possibility. However, the business is not obliged to offer a loan opportunity of more than six percent of the total number of parking lots. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration may exempt from the requirement in the first paragraph if investment or operating costs become unreasonably high.»

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