About Us

BlueTec is a total supplier of charging solutions for electric cars, solar and other future-oriented solutions throughout Norway. We take care of everything from engineering to installation and commissioning of our deliveries. We deliver both to the business and private sector. Our wish is to offer you the best possible solution for you or your company!

The green shift is on its way and we are part of this. BlueTec has its headquarters in Tønsberg and has the ambition to be the leader in delivering solar and electric cargo to both private and public. Our customer group is wide ranging from summer cottages by the sea to complex commercial buildings.

Kim Olsen
+47 99 57 66 56

Kristoffer Seljehammer
Service Technician
+47 40 09 75 22

Olav Hunshammer
Product Manager PV
+47 90 10 28 15

Nina Bjørnstad
+47 98 22 46 40

Ole Friberg
Product Manager EV
+47 46 78 29 00

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